Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Ode to Colin's Driving

I have decided that my boyfriend's driving merits many haikus. I will call them:

An Ode to Colin's Driving
By Alyssa

Deep holes in pavement
They call to me tenderly
Get a flat, so what?

The stoplight is red
But I really must go left
Just go anyway!

Five miles 'til exit
And the right lane is so slow
Better be prepared!

Changing lanes, turning
No need to signal at all
Just keep them guessing

Anger, in silence
Muttering under my breath
Don't honk, shows weakness

For those of you that haven't driven with Colin, the preceding haikus detail his love for potholes, turning right on red, being overprepared for exits, lack of signaling, and failure to honk when people drive poorly.

By the way, in Texas - people really are aiming for you on the highway.

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