Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Caught in a post-college limbo

I was talking to a friend from college today (I sound so old, even though it was only 2 months ago that I graduated) and I told him that I recently came to the realization that he and I were almost the only people I knew who had graduated and immediately gotten a job. This isn't for our other friends' lack of ambition or qualifications. In fact, we often referred to our group as "overachievers" and often joked that if we ever got in trouble the headline would read "Student Leaders Arrested." (What we would get arrested for, I have no idea)

So what happened?

Some are traveling. Some are going to grad school. And some just can't seem to catch a break. I got the only job I interviewed for, and thank goodness for that. On the blog "The Consumerist", an article about health care after college inflamed tensions between the employed and the...wishing to be employed. For example:

If you major in something besides Underwater Basket Weaving, you ought to be able to find a job with health benefits. And here's another novel idea, search for jobs and interviews BEFORE you actually graduate.


Novel approach? Isn't that why the vast majority of college graduates spent at least four years of their lives at the university working their asses off, eating ramen noodles, and going up to their eyeballs in hock? Do you think HR managers just line up at graduates' front doors with job offers? News flash - it's not 1998 anymore.

I know people who have applied for over 150 jobs. My boyfriend applies for several a day. Most people I know haven't even gotten called back for an interview.

Now I know it's the economy, it's our entry-level needs, it's... whatever.

You know what it is? It's just depressing.


Jason Schwarz said...

WOW! I made it (indirectly) into a Blog post. I feel so very special!

Nicolas said...

No fair, I can haz jobburger too.

But you're right, it's distressing to know that highly talented graduates just can't find work these days, and I know I feel lucky to have a job (and an awesome one at that).