Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Digital Heritage and me, perfect together?

It's amazing what you can stumble upon when you're doing random searches on Technorati. I found a program at the University of Leicester in the UK that offers a masters in Digital Heritage (!) I got more and more excited as I read through the degree description and found this:

Course aims: To stimulate students to engage critically and creatively with the opportunities of new media, and, in particular, to encourage the development of the philosophical approaches and practical skills needed by new media professionals, managers and others in the museum and heritage sector.

Sign me up! I emailed the professor in charge of the program and he got back to me (promptly, I may add - in contrast to some U.S. institutions where you may never, ever hear back from a professor). He also mentions Web 2.0 in his email, which is an awesome sign for a history professor! The program starts in April 2009 and it allows for distance learning at a cost of around (with the current exchange rate) $10,000 a year. I wonder if I can swing this...

In other news, I joined 24 Hour Fitness yesterday and took a Turbo Kickboxing class. And, oh how I'm paying for that today. (No pain no gain, right?)

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