Saturday, April 12, 2008

Decision time

So I'm sitting on my couch, relaxing after a whirlwind tour of Minneapolis and watching South Pacific. I think I should be watching a western or maybe No Country for Old Men. After all, I am moving to Texas in less than 2 months!

For some quick background: I'm a senior at a college in central New York, and I've been lucky enough to land my dream job out of school. I'll be working in the marketing department of a museum in downtown Dallas. The only problem is that I've never actually been to Texas, but I love country music and line dancing, so at least I have that!

This blog is going to cover my cross-country move and the culture shock I'm sure I'll experience from moving to the south and just living life after college! It's definitely going to be an adventure, but I'm excited to rise to the challenge!

I also want to point out that it's been my dream since I was eight to move to Texas. When I was 10, I wrote and recorded a song about my love for the Lone Star State, and the chorus went like this:

How many seasons does Texas have?
Oh my friends say 4, but my folks say 365
Before any ol' Texas year is done

There's also a line in the song about wanting to go to Texas no matter what:

No matter what my parents say
Damnit I am ten, I'll do what I please!

I think my ten-year-old self would be very proud of me right now!


Danielle said...

I am so glad you are chasing your 10 year old dreams! And that you are following your 22 year old aspirations!! I am SO proud of you!

Kate said...

OMG can you PLEASE let us hear the song??? ;)

I might just have to dig out my cowboy hat and come down for a visit. Only if they have a piano bar.