Monday, April 14, 2008

Leaving the Jersey Shore

I was on the phone with my mom today, trying to figure out the logistics of graduating, visiting home, packing, going to Maui (!), and moving to Texas. I had a great plan worked out, except for one thing - it involved me driving south through Jersey on Memorial Day weekend.

Now those of you from Jersey are already groaning and rolling your eyes, but everyone else has no idea what I'm talking about. Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey shore is downright painful. You can't drive south. You can't drive east. And you most certainly can't do either on Friday or Saturday. Why? One word. Bennys. Bennys are tourists from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York (hence the acronym), and they can make any Jersey girl's commute and social live incredibly difficult.

When people find out I'm from the Jersey shore, the first question is always "How close are you to the beach?" The answer is - very close, but it might as well be an hour and a half away. The population of my town nearly triples in the summer, and driving/parking at the beach is a nightmare. To be honest, one of the major bonuses about moving to Dallas will be the decreased amount of tourist traffic.

Anyway, that whole rant leads to me having to drive home 3 days earlier than I intended. Thanks, Bennys. I hope you have a good summer.

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