Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Place to Sit

Well, I don't have a place to put my stuff or lay my head or whatever the saying is. However, I do have a place to sit! I was on the phone with my boss the other day, and she mentioned to me that they were (at that very moment) getting me my desk! I finally have the perfect place to put my digital picture frame and photos like this:

(this may be my favorite photo of all time)

Also, an update on the apartment search. The leading apartments are a bunch near White Rock Lake or the Village Apartments, where my boss lived when she first moved to Dallas. They're farther out than I would like, but it's almost all 20-somethings and they have a great gym, intramural sports, and a restaurant/bar right in the community center.

I also got my work email address and phone number! I'm so excited to get started down there, but, for now it's back to some college senior debauchery! (Read: finishing the last paper of my college career - I'm a rebel).

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