Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Crazed

I've always considered myself something of an early adopter as far as technology is concerned. At my current internship, I've given myself the title of Tech Goddess, with the subtitle of "Thou who installs printer drivers and figures out the website". It's pretty interesting, especially because I work at a local historical society, and technology is very hit or miss. I've learned to piecemeal things with OpenOffice or work on machines that are 10-15 years old. (And I love it!)

My newest foray into technology has been ongoing. I've taken to reading blogs that have to do with my future career ambitions and subject interests, so last night I went Google Reader crazy. I've found some awesome sites, such as Museum 2.0 and I'm in Ur Museum Blogz (which has a great post about finding a job with a museum... check!). I'm not sure what the policy will be like at my new job in Texas, but I think creating a blog for a museum is a great way to generate interest (and these blogs have some other great suggestions for basic marketing as well).

I mostly write in my blog to keep in touch, but I'm going to also write in here about new strategies for museums and my thoughts. As a college senior, I think I offer a (naive) (or new) perspective on the world of public history.

For starters, check out a post on my old blog about Mount Vernon. It's an example of a museum taking technology and using it to enhance exhibits, not to overshadow them.

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