Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sight Unseen

I'm finding out that it's really REALLY hard to find an apartment in a city you've never visited. It leads to falling in love with a place with all the amenities, and then finding out something like this:

(Okay, there IS an image that goes here, but Blogger won't let me do it right now - check back soon)

UPDATE: Day 2 - and Blogger still hates me :-(

Which is kind of conflicting. I don't know much about Dallas, but it doesn't seem like these people can agree on how to rate the place where they actually LIVE. Also, ever the skeptic, I'm not sure that I can trust the positive reviews (may be written by management) or the negative reviews (may be written by management from the place next door). Sigh.

However, I have found a few places I'm feeling good about and I've booked a few appointments. I also found out that there's an IKEA (!!!) right near Dallas, so my furniture needs should be close enough to met. (Thanks for the living room sofa, Mom!)

I also passed my background check today - I guess they decided I wasn't going to rob the museum or something like that. Today also marks one month until graduation (or close enough). I can't believe I'll be leaving college so soon, but I'm really excited to go to Texas!

I might be most excited about doing a weekend at a dude ranch - who wouldn't love that?!


Colin said...

everyone loves a dude ranch! ;)

Katie B. said...

If you want to try and get a picture of whatever you were trying to show, I would suggest taking a print screen of your computer, pasting it into Paint, and then cutting and saving the image you want and uploading it onto blogger that way.

I do this a lot.