Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sudden Realizations

Today I've come to realize certain... realities? Like - I'll need an apartment in Dallas (fast!), I have to move across the country, I have to DRIVE across the country, I have to start packing!

Memo to self: start packing. Now.

I only have to pack up an entire apartment before graduation (5/18) so my parents can each load up their cars and try to store all of my belongings in my garage in New Jersey. How did I amass so much stuff? I can't believe four years ago everything I owned fit in a dorm room!

I called a few places yesterday about potential apartments, but I'm not too familiar with the neighborhoods in Dallas. I know I want to live downtown, and I've found a lot of places that are really affordable and have a gym, pool, and hot tub! I'm liking my new city!

I also did a Google Maps search for my drive down there. It looks far, but really interesting - it takes me though a lot of southern towns I've never visited. I'm hoping to break up the drive with some stops in new cities and maybe visiting some people along the way!

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Sheri Barris said...

I know the feeling of having to move to Texs. I, too, will be moving to there in June, but I'm going to Killeen/Fort Hood, TX. My husband is getting based there. It sucks because I have to leave behind all my family and friends here in St. Louis, MO. I know I'll be back during holidays, but that isn't enough.
Anyways, hope you can get through it. I know you will.